Lo Studiolo

During the Renaissance, in the magnificient noble palaces, lo studiolo was a small room used as a place of study and intended for the conservation and display of precious and unusual objects and works of art. A cabinet de curiosités where to contemplate, study and enjoy the sight of rare, new and singular artifacts.

This same spirit animates the jewelry collections of Lo Studiolo Genève, between antiquity and innovation.

As in a modern cabinet de curiosités, the creations of Lo Studiolo are the result of the combination of different inspirations: the Roman and Etruscan excavation jewels, the Byzantine jewelry, the goldsmith art of the 50s and 60s of the twentieth century, the visual arts of the 21st century give rise to unique jewels.

Paolo Smeriglio

The creations of Lo Studiolo are the result of the curiosity and creativity of Paolo Smeriglio.

Paolo studies, designs and produces his jewels independently, giving life to unique creations made with traditional jewellery techniques.

Paolo, who has always been fascinated by the plastic arts, studied art history between Rome and Paris, after significant experiences in the retail sector for important brands in the decoration and luxury sector, he turned to the goldsmith’s art, creating in the 2020 the brand Lo Studiolo Genève.


Metals and stones

Together with the noblest metals such as gold and silver, the collections from Lo Studiolo are characterized by the use of bronze. This copper-tin alloy is naturally nickel-free.

The use of bronze, from the production of applied art objects to the creation of works with autonomous expressive value, has been widespread since the most ancient civilizations.

The use of this material gives a sculptural dimension to the creations of Lo Studiolo, each creation is conceived and modeled exactly as if it was a sculpture and the use of the technique of investment casting and lost wax casting, as in the Hellenistic and Roman statuary, makes each piece unique.

Bronze is a living material, it oxidizes, patinates, evolves and changes. The creations of Lo Studiolo are conceived as a multisensory experience, the surface of the metal is rough, wavy, stinging, deliberately irregular, the textures are an invitation to touch the surfaces.

The stones used, faceted, smooth or left in their raw state, are chosen for their chromatic and symbolic value; the alternation of opaque and glassy stones, the use of faceted semi-precious stones dialogues with the metal to create a sensation, an emotion.